The stillness of nature, the curve of a leaf, the flow of water over tumbled stones, the curling tendrils of grape ivy — all these elements provide inspiration for creation of objects that can remind us of the timelessness and serenity of nature. These objects can be worn to bring the peace and harmony of nature with us, to remind us of the spirit of all that lives in the natural world, and of our timeless connection with the earth — like the gingko tree, still with us since pre-history.

Many years of art school and experience have brought me to this time and place. Beginning with the study of book illustration design at The Academy of Art College in 1975 in San Francisco, I then discovered a fascination with embossing which resulted in truancy from art school to spend three years studying etching on metal with The Fort Mason Printmakers. Next followed a short stint of airbrush painting at The Art Institute, and finally the excitement of using all I’d learned previously culminated in the design and execution of jewelry at The DeYoung Museum Art School. My exploration in jewelry design was interrupted by a hiatus of child rearing and quilting, and in 1998, finally a return to school to finish my BFA degree and at last to return to my favorite of all — jewelry and metalsmithing.

Lyn Stoll